At the Joy Primary School, we apply ‘Natural nutrition’ principles:

We eat vegetables and locally grown, seasonal fruit. These are healthy and organic and packed full of vitamins – nor has it had to travel long distances. We choose the best from organic farming and that which is cheaper when in season;

We know that we can eat our native fruit entirely, including the peel, in which there are many valuable vitamins; the same goes for our home-grown vegetables, the roots and leaves of which, in such as parsley and young beets, can all be eaten.

We choose the least processed food products - wholemeal flour products and herbs instead of ready-made, salt-laden spices - and we use meat that has not been intensively farmed.

At the Joy Primary School, we know that these rules are especially important for children who are developing and growing and it is for this reason, that we provide our students with natural and varied products and a balanced diet, thanks to which, they will develop appropriate eating habits from early age.