A school with respect for children and for learning

At the Joy Primary School, we propose a new approach both to our pupils and to learning which is completely different to those approaches more generally in use. The child and efforts to create the best atmosphere for him or her to learn and develop are our focal points of interest. 

In creating our school, we are inspired by Finnish educational ideas where strong emphasis is placed, equally, both on the child acquiring knowledge and on how to make learning pleasant for him or her. Therefore, according to the Finnish rules, we provide our pupils at the Joy Primary School, with well-being and encouragement, supporting them in gaining self-reliance, helping them to acquire specific, diverse skills and allowing them free rein to explore their own ways of thinking. It is very important for us to comprehensively educate children by providing them with a wide range of activities and supporting their natural curiosity and creativity. To this end, we conduct lessons developing their artistic talents as well as their musical abilities, in co-operation with the Yamaha School of Music. In this way, we develop a sense of beauty and sensitivity in the children.

We also follow the recommendations of the WHO, which indicate that for the proper development of children it is necessary to provide them with a daily dose of physical activity. In our school, students are moving, so they do not feel tired of learning and remain in good physical condition. We also remember that - especially today - it is necessary and very important to learn foreign languages, especially English, from an early age. We provide students with learning through play, thanks to which they will learn a different language in a natural way, which in the future will also bring openness to other languages and other cultures. In contrast, gaining language skills generally supports and enriches intellectual development. It is clear that the students' learning progress depends to a large extent on the personality and approach of the teacher. The teachers at Joy Primary School approach carefully and respect children, without giving up on being demanding.

We say that the teacher should be soft for the person and hard for the problem. This means that the educator translates, shows the way of proceeding and, if necessary, how to correct the error. It does not apply penalties for improper performance of tasks, but encouragements to understand how to improve further. It focuses on looking for a solution to the problem and teaches children: finding solutions, analytical thinking. When a teacher treats children with attention and respect, shapes the same behavior in them, he becomes the authority and adviser whom he admire from conviction and not from the order. The students likewise begin to relate to each other and this mutual respect is what distinguishes Joy Primary School from other institutions. Our teachers do not encourage competition, but they teach cooperation. They not only provide children with knowledge, but also teach many other useful skills, including help develop interpersonal skills. That's all to bring up responsible, valuable, open, empathic and versatile young people who will find a good place in adult life in society and will be a valuable component of it.